Montessori Education
Montessori uses an inquiry based, child centered, individualized instruction with a multi sensory approach within a carefully prepared environment to support a child's learning. The specially trained guides observe and get to know each child as an individual so to connect the child to the didactic materials that teach the specific skill or information the child is seeking to learn about.

We cover a wide range of curriculum that goes well beyond what a typical preschool setting would offer.

We provide a peaceful, joyful and respectful learning environment where independence, empowerment, intrinsic motivation, social responsibility and a lifetime love of learning can be cultivated within each child.

Curriculum Areas

Practical Life (Care of the Person, Care of the Environment, Grace and Courtesy)
Sensorial Exploration
Self- Expression and Art
Cultural (Geography, Botany, Science, Ways of Life and Traditions found in Different countries and regions)

We Educate the Whole Child. Each child is guided to develop fully in all areas:

Social and Emotional Development

Independence and Responsibility
Respect for themselves, each other and the environment
Appropriate Interactions between peers and adults
Acceptance and Tolerance
Happiness, Joyfulness and Contentment
Life Long Love of Learning
Positive Relationship with School

Physical Development

Control of Movement
Refinement of Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Preparation of the Hand for Writing
PsychoSensory Motor Development

Work Ethic

Development of Concentration
Use of Verbal Skills
Making Independent Choices
Increased Attention Spans
Completion of Work Cycles

Academic Growth

Freedom to gain further knowledge and develop more skills at own pace
Concept of Numbers - quantity, sequence and symbol
Written and Oral Language Development
Discrimination of different qualitites in Objects