Founded in 2011, Mighty Oaks Montessori (MOM) offers an exceptional Montessori education to children ages 15 months to six years old. MOM focuses on seven curriculum themes: Practical Life, Sensorial Exploration, Language, Mathematics, Self-Expression & Art, Music, and Culture.

MOM educates the whole child. Each student is guided to develop social, emotionally, physically, and academically.
Our goal at MOM is to enter into a partnership with parents in the education of their children:
● To encourage the self-motivation and self-discipline that will lead to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge
● To lead children to mastery of precisely identified intellectual, social, and physical skills
● To help children develop a positive self-image as the key to the development of their full potential
● To foster open minds, compassion, and respect for others
● To balance self-reliance, independence, and responsible freedom with the skills of working cooperatively
● To instill in each child a sense of duty and personal responsibility for the world in which we live
● To spark in our children imagination, wonder, humor, and joy.